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I'll try and add some more classics as they come to mind. For starters, the University of Texas Press has published a lot of great works in translation. Stories by Machado de Assis Machado de Assis was primarily known as a novelist but his short fiction was equally accomplished. Most of Machado's stories are acknowledged as "masterpieces of world literature". However, a substantial number of them are yet to be translated and collected in a comprehensive English edition. The primary source translations of his short stories are found in: Brazilian Tales , trans.

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William L. John Gledson. The novella The Alienist formerly "The Psychiatrist" is set to be reissued by Melville House publisher later this year.

This privilege arises from the confession of a secret that weighs heavily on a conscience. The narrators often feel they must set the record straight. The mystery cannot be long suppressed. In "The Nurse" also translated as "The Attendant's Confession" in Brazilian Tales , the title character writes his confession from his death-bed: So you think that what happened to me in can be printed in a book?

Selected Stories

Do whatever you please, but with only one condition: do not divulge anything before my death. You will not have to wait long, perhaps a week, if not less; I am incurable. Look, I could tell you about my entire life, during which time other interesting things took place; however, in order to do that, one needs time, spirit, and paper, and I have only paper.

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My spirit is weak and time resembles a night lamp at dawn. It will not be long before the sun rises on another day. It is the sun of demons, as impenetrable as life. Good-bye, my dear sir.

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Read this and wish me well; forgive me for whatever seems improper to you. Do not mistreat the rue if it does not smell like a rose. You asked me for a human document, and here it is The reader asks for a story, and it is given, began in earnest, imparted in a unique voice.

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The story is of great human interest, a satiric display of unstable emotions resulting to a crime of passion. The nurse is caring for the sick Colonel who has a serious attitude problem—"If he had only been grouchy, it would not have been so bad; but he was also mean. The reader will have to keep the story to himself, for it is a privilege to be told this by a nurse harboring a criminal past.

In "The Secret Heart", one is privileged to encounter another secret. The opening is a domestic scene. Garcia, who was standing, studied his finger nails, and snapped them from time to time. Fortunato, in the rocking chair, looked at the ceiling.

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Rumsoakedboy rated it liked it Jun 05, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. And what inanimate thing that people wear can carry an entire documentary? Published by Bloomsbury UK first published January 1st Though it is unlikely he did not read Maupassant and impossible he would have read Chekhov , it matters little.

Maria Luiza, by the window, was putting the final touches to a piece of needlework. Five minutes had now passed without their saying a word. They had spoken of the day, which had been fine, of Catumby, where Fortunato and his wife lived, and of a private hospital that will be explained later. As the three characters here presented are now dead and buried, it is time to tell their story without pretense.

The true story is then recounted with characteristic linguistic verve and, as promised, without pretense. The pertinent details of a "love triangle" and "forbidden love" favorite Machado topics are laid bare. We are once more treated to priceless instances of beastly and saintly human behavior. The stories are generous in the serving of delicious gossip. The sharing of a common interest tightened the bonds of friendship. Garcia became a familiar of the house. He dines there almost every day, and there he observed Maria Luiza and saw her life of spiritual loneliness.

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And somehow this loneliness of hers increased her loveliness. Garcia began to feel troubled when she came into the room, when she spoke, when she worked quietly by the window, or played sweet, sad music on the piano. Gently, imperceptibly, love entered his heart. When he found it there, he tried to thrust it out, that there might be no other bond but friendship between him and Fortunato.

A Chapter of Hats: Selected Stories

Enjoy his books and, if you go to Rio, place a potato on his tomb. Machado, in his deceptive way, is terrifying. The son of poor parents, and mulatto, he worked his way to a successful career as a civil servant and a writer. He was revered though not understood in his lifetime, and was unanimously elected President of the Brazilian Academy of Letters when it was founded in He is still universally regarded as the greatest Brazilian writer. He has produced Brazilian editions of Machado de Assis's stories and newspaper columns, and is also the translator of his novel Dom Casmurro Oxford University Press, , along with novels by Milton Hatoum and critical works by Roberto Schwarz, among others.

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A Chapter of Hats book. Read 6 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Machado de Assis () is the great Brazilian author of Philosopher or Dog? and Epitaph of a Small Winner, whose work is admired by writers.

Two gentlemen standing outside a church in Rio de Janeiro see a respectable lady emerge - one of them has an unexpected, and to him inexplicable story to tell about her past life as a prostitute; a popular composer of polkas burns the midnight oil in a desperate attempt to create great classical music; a teenager finds himself caught up by the sight of the bare arms of an older woman who lives with his employer; an impoverished, lazy young man turns to the lucrative trade of catching runaway slaves; and, dull, monotonous Mariana has a tiff with her husband about the hat he wears to town, and decides to sing 'the Marseillaise of matrimony' by going off on a trip to town herself with her more daring, flirtatious friend Sophia.

These are some of the situations developed in these stories, some of the most brilliant to have been written in the nineteenth century. They echo Poe and Gogol, they anticipate Joyce, they have been compared to contemporary works by Chekhov, Maupassant, and Henry James, yet they are not quite like any of these.

Anyone who has read "Epitaph of a Small Winner" or "Dom Casmurro", his most famous novels, will want to savour these stories - those who haven't, will find them a varied and enjoyable introduction to Machado's work. Read more Read less.

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