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C36, copy 1, figs.

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The features of one of the finest painters in art history are widely familiar through the numerous self-portraits he executed. The present portrait features Rembrandt at the age of about twenty-five. He is wearing a colourful neck scarf and a gold link chain which gleams against his dark coat.

Rembrandt had no difficulty in finding assistants for his flourishing workshop. Some were given the task of copying his paintings. This practice was an important and challenging part of their education.

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It improved their painting skills and provided Rembrandt with the opportunity to sell a greater number of paintings. Paintings by Rembrandt. Rembrandt, Self-Portrait at the Age of Rembrandt, Portrait of Margaretha de Geer.

Rembrandt, Portrait of Jacob Trip. Rembrandt, A Woman bathing in a Stream. Rembrandt, The Woman Taken in Adultery.

dortokatisi.ml Rembrandt, Portrait of Aechje Claesdr. Rembrandt, A Bearded Man in a Cap. Rembrandt, Hendrickje Stoffels. Rembrandt, Saskia in Arcadian Costume.

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Rembrandt, Self-portrait. Rembrandt, A Young Lady Smiling. Rembrandt, The Rape of Ganymede. Rembrandt, Saskia van Uylenburgh as Flora.

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Levie, P. Bruyn, Rembrandt, B.

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Haak Hardback, About this product. About this product Product Information Since the second half of the last century art historians, realizing that the image of Rembrandt's work had become blurred with time, have attempted to redefine the artist's significance both as a source of inspiration to other artists and as a great artist in his own right.

In order to carry on the work started by previous generations, a group of leading Dutch art historians from the university and museum world joined forces in the late s in order to study afresh the paintings usually ascribed to the artist.

The researchers came together in the Rembrandt Research Project which was established to provide the art world with a new standard reference work which would serve the community of art historians for the nearby and long future. They examined the originals of all works attributed to Rembrandt taking full advantage of today's sophisticated techniques including radiography, neutron activation autoradiography, dendrochrology and paint sample analysis - thereby gaining valuable insight into the genesis and condition of the paintings.