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Animation Background Layout: From Student to Professional, has an easy to follow format with so much information that people of any animation skill level can . Created by Fowler to use when teaching, ANIMATION BACKGROUND LAYOUT: FROM STUDENT TO PROFESSIONAL illustrates the purpose.

When entering the industry, it is expected that there is a foundation of knowledge in the software being utilized. The fundamentals of character design in this module. Use of solid drawing and appeal will be explored and students will develop characters in various styles. Various studies of human anatomy and life drawing will be used to give a foundation for character design.

Students should develop a strong personal character design style as well as learn to deconstruct styles presented to them in order to recreate designs of different styles. We look at simplification of the human form and how to use shape language and contrast to create strong designs for a range of audiences.

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In this module students will explore the art of motion picture photography. From composition and lighting to camera angles, movements and special effects.

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They will study live action films and directors to bring life like techniques into their animations. This module will explore the fundamentals of animation.

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Students will learn traditional animation techniques in a paperless working environment. They will also learn how to create character rigs for cutout style animation and how to combine techniques to get the most out of their animations. This module takes the students foundation animation learning to the next level, they will explore and refine the fundamentals to create animations that show a higher level of movement and character.

They will see how their learned color theory and perspective drawing comes into play when developing environments and creating mood and atmosphere. Students will have the opportunity to work on real world projects while in school. This gives them a chance to experience industry techniques, critiques and deadlines. Students will choose to create a motion demo reel or illustration portfolio for their final project that will showcase their work and skillets.

go to site Next start date October 21, Meet The Faculty. Student Work Through personalized, one-on-one critiques and group sessions, students are able to improve their craft under the guidance of talented instructors and the support of creative classmates.