Pathology of the Pancreas

What Is the Pathophysiology of Alcohol-Induced Injury to the Pancreas?
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The onset of pancreatitis may bring severe abdominal or back pain , most acute when the affected person is lying on his back. There may be slight fever , nausea , and vomiting , and the blood pressure may be somewhat higher than usual. If the attack is severe, the skin may be cold and moist, the pulse feeble and rapid, and the temperature below normal.

Diagnosis is established by blood tests and by scanning the pancreas with ultrasound and computerized axial tomography.


The pancreas contains two distinctive types of glandular tissue, an exocrine component and an endocrine component, which allow the organ to perform two. A-E: acinar cell carcinoma acinar cell cystadenocarcinoma acinar cell cystadenoma ACTH acute pancreatitis adenosquamous carcinoma agenesis annular.

Treatment of acute pancreatitis is directed toward control of pain , prevention or alleviation of shock , inhibition of the secretion of pancreatic juices including eliminating oral intake of food , and avoidance or control of infection. Lost fluids and salts are replaced. Most pancreatitis patients recover fully, but some 10 to 20 percent suffer severe pancreatitis, which is frequently associated with complications such as hypoxia lack of oxygen in body tissues , internal bleeding, and kidney failure.

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In chronic pancreatitis, characterized by repeated attacks, much of the pancreas may be destroyed, with resultant deficiency in the amounts of pancreatic juices secreted. Islet cells of the pancreas may also be destroyed, so that the secretion of insulin is depleted and diabetes mellitus develops.

Pancreas Physiology

Management of this disorder includes a low-fat diet, abstinence from overeating and from intake of alcohol, administration of oral pancreatic enzyme supplements, and control of diabetes if it has developed. Info Print Cite.

Acute Pancreatitis

There are genes associated with favourable prognosis in pancreatic cancer. The image atlas contains over 1, high resolution color images with captions authored by a leading expert, and covers diagnostic entities. Card Range To Study through. Tenner S, Freedman S. End Note. Show all.

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Chronic Pancreatitis

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What is the Pancreas?

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Pancreatic Cancer

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